January 1, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy New Year!  In looking back on 2008, it seems the watchword for the year was “change” -- both for us personally, as well as in larger society.  We sense 2009 is going to bring increased changes as well.  It is reassuring to know that even when so many things are changing around us that God doesn’t change.  He remains steadfast, a solid rock we can depend on.  This year I turn 50 years of age, (Carol hit that milestone awhile ago) and we will celebrate 25 years of marriage.  Additionally, Paul and Amy are headed to graduate from college in December.  And of course, we hope to finalize our adoption of Favor.  Who knows what other milestones and events will take place in 2009?

Last month I had the privilege of sharing with the Global Missions Committee of First Presbyterian Church in Boulder, Colorado.  This faithful church has been a vital part of our support team for two decades now.  Recently they had several new members join the global missions committee, and we felt it was the right time to “reintroduce ourselves” so to speak.  The meeting went very well.  A highlight of the trip was a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park where I saw right up close (within a few feet) a herd of approximately 200 elk.  Additionally, although the trip was short, I visited several of our friends and supporters in the Boulder/Denver area before heading home after church on December 7.


I am enjoying being back with YWAM.  The team of people I’m working with at MercyWorks is great.  They come from several nations and all possess a heart to honor God and to serve the poor.  I continue to work on developing a new logo, mission, vision and communications plan to increase the ministry’s effectiveness.

A special highlight for us this month will be the official launch of Hope For 100.  This is a campaign we have been working on with our church for much of 2008.  The aim of Hope For 100 is to find loving Christian homes for 100 orphans and foster children.  My responsibilities as one of the leaders of the Awareness Team have included the website and promotional materials.  To learn more about Hope For 100, click here.


We encourage you this new year to consider making a resolution to read more in 2009.  In 2008, we read approximately 100 books combined.  For many years my personal goal has been to read a book every other week (26 a year) at a minimum.  Quality books are a great way to encourage you in your Christian walk.  Why not consider watching less TV and reading more in 2009?

Happy New Year!  With all our love and gratitude ...    

Glenn and Carol

P.S.  Remember from now on, all tax deductible support for us will be processed through YWAM

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