July 1, 2009

Happy Fourth of July! Can you believe 2009 is halfway gone already?

Today, Bruno arrives back in Brazil.  His father (Dr. Carlos Macaneiro) came and stayed with us this past weekend after attending a week-long medical conference in Florida.  For our last meal together, we went to “Bruno’s” a popular local pizza restaurant.

On Sunday we watched the USA vs. Brazil Confederations Cup soccer final in South Africa.  Early Monday morning, we prayed for Bruno, and then he and his father left for Houston where they caught their flight back to Brazil yesterday.  Our house is now quiet without Bruno.

Last week, one of our workers in a restricted country was killed during an attempted kidnapping.  Because of security concerns we cannot share the specifics, but he leaves behind a wife and young children.  We pray his courageous sacrifice will yield a great harvest for the kingdom of God.
Over this Fourth of July holiday, thank you for your prayers and support.  We need you in our lives as we seek first the kingdom of God together!


Many of you have asked the status of our adoption. Our adoption agency (AAI) processes orphans in batches. Favor is in group “N”. Since group “M” has just been processed, Favor is in the next group awaiting processing. Courts in Ethiopia close in early August, so we are eager to hear whether group “N” will receive a court date by the end of July. One reason things have progressed slower than normal is that Ethiopia is experiencing power shortages due to a severe drought. Most electricity in the country is generated through dams. Without enough water, the problem is worsening. Latest reports from Ethiopia indicate power is on for 24 hours, followed by 24 hours off. Rumors say it might go to 12 hours on followed by 48 hours off. This has been a huge setback to the economy with factories closing and, of course, adoption processing slowing significantly. The offices where paperwork such as birth certificates and passports are issued simply cannot function as usual. Please join us in praying for rain to come to refill the dangerously low lakes behind the hydroelectric dams and for Favor’s group to receive a court date before the courts close in early August.